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Tiffeny Price
Powered by a love of Cocoa Puffs and the never ending challenge of B2B
marketing in high-tech industries, Tiffeny Price still wakes up every morning
energized and ready to meet another day of fulfilling key product marketing
initiatives and creating customer-led marketing programs.

As a Bay Area native and hi-tech marketing professional, Tiffeny works with
many technology companies to help them shape their product launches,
channel programs, sales enablement initiatives and vertical market

As a product marketing professional, Tiffeny enjoys learning something
new almost every day and applying her marketing know-how to some of the
hottest technology areas in 2015 including enterprise social networks,
mobile-anything,  open networking, business video,  security solutions for
APT and the software defined data center.

Tiffeny attributes her success in B2B marketing and developing winning
sales programs to her ability to discover and highlight innovative use
cases, business models and ROI scenarios that sales people need to
justify new technology acquisition with their customers.

When Tiffeny is not busy working or having her Cocoa Puffs (hardly ever
happens) you can usually find her relaxing at the beach, swimming with
sharks, diving in a tropical locale or playing with her exotic Chausie and
Bengal cats at home.
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Disclaimer: I am not a web designer or a graphic artist. I created this website with using MS Office.. So if you are looking at this website for really neat graphics or
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